Director of Marketing

Marketing is how we tell the world our story: the big picture promise of how our solutions will benefit them. This is broad and a lot more complicated in practice, but done right leads to prospective customers who are ready to talk to our sales team.

There’s a lot that goes into this:

  • Our brand, style, values, culture, and everything that makes us who we are
  • Understanding the customer’s challenges, desires, needs, incentives, constraints
  • Understanding our competition and our relationship in the market
  • Strategy, tactics, and great execution
  • Hiring the right people
  • Mentoring individuals and setting goals with clear accountability
  • Working with limited resources

With all of this in mind, a successful Director of Marketing finds a way to cultivate enough leads to fill our sales pipeline. 

Talent, skill, and experience count for a lot, but ultimately we have to enjoy working together. So we look for people who are:

  • Kind, respectful, and helpful
  • Works well with and can lead people - no lone wolves
  • First a manager of one and then of many
  • Can see both the big picture while sweating the details
  • Competitive in a way that makes everyone around better
  • Asks why is it done this way and can it be done differently/better?
  • Takes ownership and responsibility

If you’re thinking “yeah, that could be me”, tell us why! We’re mostly looking to see how you think, but specific examples are really helpful too.

Benefits we offer:

  • Company-sponsored Health, Vision, and Dental coverage
  • Company IRA matching
  • Generous time-off policy
  • Profit-sharing opportunities
  • Fun and friendly company culture with helpful attitudes
  • Flexible work environment (remote vs office, hours, etc.)

Please send a resume and cover letter explaining why you want this job to

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