Parking Boss is a smart and effective way to manage vehicles on a corporate campus without investing tens of thousands of dollars.



Smart Decals

Assign, track, and validate employee or tenant vehicles so you know who’s on your property at all times. A QR scan will validate the permit in seconds and a more in-depth look-up will give you access to the vehicle owner’s contact information.

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Violations and Integrated Warning Stickers

We’ve made it super simple for on-site management or third-party patrol to record violations, notify vehicle owners, and catch repeat offenders.

Using the warning, the offending vehicle owner can easily look up the details of their violation with any smartphone.

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Printed Passes for Groups

You may need several permits to accommodate a meeting of larger groups of people. Instead of generating a Special Permit for each vehicle, Parking Managers can generate one convenient, printable permit, and email it for every visitor to print and place on their dashboard.

Printed Passes also have built in barcodes for easy validation by patrol.



Cloud-Hosted for Reliability & Performance

Built from the ground up on the industry leading Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms to give us scale, redundancy, and reliability.

There’s nothing for IT to deploy and updates are automatic.



Use Technology You’ve Already Got

There’s no need to invest in additional expensive equipment because Parking Boss takes advantage of the technology you already own and use—like all the latest smartphones, tablets, and desktops.



Take Control of Your Corporate Campus Parking


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