Paid Parking
Generate revenue with easy self-pay

Easy, self-service paid parking for private lots.

Are you looking for ways to generate additional income from your parking? Do you have valuable guest spaces that are fully occupied every night that you should be charging for? Do you have a small lot perfectly located for event parking? Our Paid Parking solution might be just the thing you’re looking for.
Overnight Parking
Generate revenue by charging a small fee for overnight guest parking. Perfect for Multifamily and HOAs with limited guest spaces.
We Profit Only When You Do
Payments are deposited directly into your bank account. Just pay us a small per-transaction service fee whenever a vehicle is registered.
Quick & Easy Setup
A free Stripe account for payment processing and an existing Parking Boss subscription plan is required to provide paid parking.
Pay with Any Device
It takes only seconds to pay from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with Internet connection.

Register and Pay in Seconds

Our Paid Parking solution is built on the same technology used for our guest registration. Used over 100,000 times a month, it's a proven solution used by garden-style apartments, mixed-use communities, urban luxury high-rises, and HOAs & condos.

Have you considered charging for overnight parking?

This is an example for an apartment community with 20 guest parking stalls, with the assumption that half are occupied every night. The fee is $3.00 per vehicle per night.
Guest Spaces
Nightly Occupied
Paid Guests
Per Guest
Per Night
Service Fees
Nightly Profit
Monthly Profit

Pay to Park Signs

Our professional-grade aluminum signs make it easy for drivers to know where to park AND how to pay to register. The barcode and custom web address directs the driver to Paid Parking Attendant. Our in-house design team can create custom signs that integrate with your existing brand.

Secure & Trusted Processing

We’ve taken our proven guest registration software and built a robust pay-to-park solution using industry-standard online payment processing systems, Stripe and ApplePay.

Built-In Notifications

As an option, paid parking can be configured to require the driver’s email and/or mobile number. An automated email and/or text is sent when the permit is initially created and 15 minutes before their time is up.