Parking for Portfolios
Consistency across your communities
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“Parking Boss tries to figure out solutions to everyday problems to enhance the lives of residents. And that’s exactly what HNN does.”

Create consistency

When it comes to running a business, surprises aren’t typically considered favorable. Creating expectations and repeatable outcomes are.

As an ownership group, it’s safe to assume you’re not using several different management software or accounting programs. Can the same be said about how your communities manage parking? We’re here to help you create a strategy and implement it with consistency that will help your company and employees succeed.

  • Implement consistent parking rules
  • Get branded apps & documents for each community
  • Set staff expectations & build efficiency
  • Create revenue opportunities
  • Integrate with management software
Flexibility built in

Not every community is the same—even in your own portfolio. Some may have plenty of guest-only parking; others may not have it at all. Some may have all assigned spaces for residents, and some are first-come, first-serve. Some of your communities may be in areas where charging for overnight parking is expected. No matter what the scenario, Parking Boss can be tailored to meet the needs of garden-style, mixed-use, and urban communities alike.

  • Make changes where you need to
  • Tailor solutions to garden-style, mixed-use, and urban
  • Use Smart Map for assigned-space communities
Team efficiency comes standard

Even if your communities have different parking needs, Parking Boss standardizes the suite of tools and training your staff needs. Managers and staff can seamlessly move into new roles in other communities without a hitch. That new community you’re working on? Everything’s already in place.

  • Common suite of solutions
  • Standardized training
  • Dedicated account team

Parking Features for Portfolios