Time is Money

Parking Boss was built for speed. With features like quick-search and the ability to scan and validate Smart Decals in seconds, your team will be more efficient than ever. Saving just 15 minutes means you can add another property to your nightly schedule. Saving hours throughout the week means you can add a lot more to your bottom line. 


Tailored for Patrol

Field Agent is a streamlined user type designed specifically for patrollers. It allows quick and easy guest vehicle tracking, violation recording, Smart Decal validation, and note taking. For security purposes, Field Agent intentionally leaves some things out, such as any private resident data, like contact information. The custom dark interface is perfect for night viewing. Field Agent is a must-have for any community utilizing third-party patrol.

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Record and Track Violations

Violation logging is quick and easy. Parking Boss keeps track of every vehicle and how many times it’s been warned. Customizable warning limits will inform you when a tow is appropriate, taking the guesswork (and liability) out of it.

Our optional Smart Warning Stickers are the perfect way to firmly but politely notify the vehicle owner that they are not in compliance with the community rules.

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Uncertainty is History

Parking Boss stores a history of everything. Permits, violations, photos, notes, bans, revokes, decal & space assignments—you name it, it saves it. Call in your next tow with absolute confidence, because with Parking Boss, you’ll always have the records to back it up.

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Keep Management Engaged

We believe transparency is the key ingredient for a successful patrol/management relationship. Parking Boss makes it easy to add property managers, on-site staff, and HOA board members to your account, keeping everyone in the loop.


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