Caitlin Birkenbuel

Regional Account Manager PNW


A Relationship Builder with 10+ years experience in Sales & Marketing for Technology Corporations & Startups

Best thing about my job:

I enjoy meeting with and getting to know my Community Managers. I like laying out a great plan for implementation and coming up with unique solutions for each community. Seeing how quickly their parking has improved is the reward.

These are a few of my favorite things:
  • Best movie/show ever: My all time favorite movie is Gone With the Wind. As a child I watched it over and over again. I loved the costumes and the characters. As I got older I realized what a marvel the film was especially for its time considering the set design and all of the details that went into it. No CG back then.
  • My favorite food: My favorite food would be Indian, my favorite dish is Mutter Paneer. Makes me miss living in the city just talking about it...
  • I love to visit: I do not have a favorite place to visit but really enjoy traveling and visiting new places. However, I do have one tradition on every vacation, I must visit at least one thrift or antique store. Recently I made my Husband walk an extra 10 blocks so I could rummage through a Salvation Army.
  • I root for: I love Sports. I was raised watching both American Football and European Football (Soccer). I love the Seahawks and Sounders. I also enjoy watching the San Antonio Spurs but basketball is fairly new to me.
  • Best concert attended: I would have to go with my most recent experience of seeing Eddie Veddar and Pearl Jam play the home show in Seattle. The energy of the crowd was incredible.
  • Favorite TV show as kid: I loved Pippi Longstockings. The show. The book. The movie. All of it!
  • I’d like to meet (living or dead): This is a hard one. I would like to meet Michelangelo. He was so far ahead of his time when it came to to understanding space and of course a creative genius.
  • Four-legged friend: I have 3 four legged friends: Dottie: my crazy energetic 10lb rat terrier, Miles: my mellow 30lb rat terrier/chihuahua mix (yes, that is not a typo he is 30lbs +), and Yoda: my sweet and perfect tabby cat.
  • When not working, I enjoy: Spending time with my fun-loving husband, my great friends and family. Our weekends are full of activities. There is something totally satisfying about digging in the dirt and I love working in my yard and improving my novice gardening skills. I also like to volunteer and give back. I recently put on a wine walk series that was a fundraiser for my local town, this was great to combine my love of Vino and community.
  • Favorite Giphy: Crazy-legs...