Virtual Attendant™ for Guest Parking

24/7 guest registration with automatic rule enforcement


Virtual Attendant is an easy-to-use solution to ensure fair use of guest parking with built-in limits to stop abuse. The result is more available space for your guests and less hassle for you.


Tailored to Your Community

The Virtual Attendant is configurable to meet the needs of virtually any guest parking rules. Parking time can be customized to work best for your community, such as 48 hours every rolling 7 days, or 10 days every calendar month, etc.


Per-Vehicle Time Limits

By default, time limits are based on the license plate of the guest vehicle. When the vehicle reaches its limit it won’t be allowed to register until time becomes available to them again. Time limits by vehicle is the simplest method and is perfect for most communities.

Per-Resident Time Limits

Parking time can also be limited by resident unit number regardless of the number of guests. This is accomplished by issuing unique passcodes to each resident required for registration. This approach also allows management to block delinquent tenants from having guests.


Virtual Gate

Stop outsiders from parking in your private lot only to walk across the street to visit the local hot-spot, beach, or neighboring community. The Virtual Attendant can be configured so each home’s unique passcode is required for guest registration.

Manager Overrides

Admin users with Manager-level control can ban any vehicle or unit from guest registration. Managers also have the ability to issue Special Permits to guests they approve to stay longer than the standard parking rules allow or Printed Passes for group events.


Register in Seconds on Any Connected Device


The Virtual Attendant places the responsibility of guest vehicle registration on the guest and residents—removing the burden from management. It takes only seconds to register from any smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer connected to the Internet.


Built In Time Limits

Virtual Attendant serves as your first line of defense with automatic time limits built in. Once a vehicle (or home) reaches its maximum allowed parking time determined by your community, it’s denied a permit until time becomes available again. If the guest chooses to park anyway, they’re easy for patrol to spot and take appropriate action.


For Guests Only

Everyone’s aware of those neighbors who constantly park their extra vehicles in the guest spots, taking valuable space away from actual visitors. Assigning Smart Decals to your residents will automatically ban them from being able to register as a guest with the Virtual Attendant.

Smart Decals for Residents »


Ban the “Bad Guys”

Sometimes there’s a vehicle on your property that you never want to see again. At any time a Parking Manager can ban a license plate from the Virtual Attendant making it easy for patrol to spot. Notes can be added to the ban, such as “Tow this vehicle on sight”, making it crystal clear what action should be taken.


Quickly Spot Violators

It takes only seconds for any Parking Manager or Field Agent to check the Safelist of currently registered guest vehicles. If a parked vehicle is not in the list, you’ll know they’re not in compliance. You can decide the most appropriate action to take next, such as logging a violation or towing.

A public Safelist is also accessible directly from the Virtual Attendant. Allowing anyone to see the currently registered vehicles creates a degree of accountability.


Virtual Attendant Guest Parking Signs

Our 12”x18” professional-grade aluminum signs make it easy for guests to know where to park AND how to register. The barcode directs visitors to the community’s Virtual Attendant, leaving no room for claiming ignorance.


Virtual Attendant Resident Magnets

Our business card-sized refrigerator magnets are a nice reminder and a handy way for residents to quickly access the Virtual Attendant to register their guests.


Guest Parking Notifications

The Virtual Attendant can optionally capture the guest’s email and/or mobile number during registration. This is very helpful for two reasons:

First, the guest receives an email and/or text when the permit is initially created and 15 minutes before their time is up.

Second, the vehicle owner’s contact info can be instantly accessed by Parking Managers in case of an emergency.


Special Permits

“So what if my mom is coming from the other side of the country to visit for a week?”

Typical guests rules aren’t set up for long stays. This is why we’ve built a solution just for these outlying cases. Special Permits are just like normal guest permits but have no time limits and can only be created by a Parking Manager on a case-by-case basis.

More about Special Permits »


There’s More to Virtual Attendant

Virtual Attendant gives your community members access to many parking-related information, including:

  1. Register Vehicle: Customizable guest registration with built in time limits per vehicle or home
  2. Currently Registered: Optional public view of currently registered vehicles for self-enforcement (loved by HOAs & condos)
  3. Activate Smart Decal: Optional Smart Decal self-activation by residents themselves. This takes some of the work-load off management (also loved by HOAs & condos)
  4. Lookup Violation: Our integrated Smart Warning stickers allows the vehicle owner to see the details of their violation.
  5. Map & Directions: A convenient link to the property’s location

Ready to fix your guest parking?