Parking Boss Platform
A suite of smart applications tailored to get the job done

Parking Boss Attendant™

Your community’s parking app

Our goal of making easy-to-use, accessible software is no more evident than in our Parking Attendant. What started off as a simple online guest form has now become the parking app for over 100,000 residents across the US and Canada. We customize the Parking Attendant with your rules, community photo, and property management logo.

WhaT’s It For?
  • Guest vehicle registration
  • Violation lookup
  • Resident permit activation
  • Pay parking option
Who Uses it?
  • Residents
  • Guests
  • Public (optional for paid parking)

Parking Boss Manager™

Everything you need to take control

Our Manager app is built for community management and team. We've designed it to make your most common tasks easy and painless. Manager also serves as your hub for seeing what's going on, including what your enforcement is up to.

WhaT’s It For?
  • Managing resident permits
  • Viewing vehicle histories
  • Using Interactive Parking Map
  • Issuing Special Permits
  • Assigning team responsibilities
Who Uses it?
  • Community managers
  • Leasing agents
  • HOA board members
  • Property managers

Parking Boss Field Agent™

Fast & efficient parking enforcement

Field Agent was designed specifically for enforcing your rules in the field. With the ability to check on the permit status of any vehicle to recording and issuing violations—all without sharing resident private info with third-party patrol.

WhaT’s It For?
  • Viewing registered guests
  • Recording violations
  • Verifying resident permits
Who Uses it?
  • Third-party courtesy patrol
  • On-site patrol teams
  • Managers
  • Leasing agents

Parking Boss Reports™

Make informed decisions

Parking Boss Reports provide the necessary data for understanding what’s happening on your property. For example, we’ve made it super simple to find vehicles that are consistently maxing out guest parking time—and if so, it’s possible they’re actually living in the community without your approval. Having this data arms you and your team with the information you need to take necessary action.

WhaT’s It For?
  • Team & security reports
  • Guest parking reports
  • Assigned permits reports
  • Enforcement & violation reports
  • Open in Excel or Google Sheets
Who Uses it?
  • Regional managers
  • Community managers
  • HOA board members
  • Ownership

Integrated Materials

Designed to make parking a success

Our integrated materials work seamlessly with the Parking Boss software, giving you and your team the greatest chance for success. We’ve spent countless hours researching, testing, revising, and partnering to provide the best quality and value. In most cases, our in-house professional design team can customize the materials to match your community’s brand free of charge. Additional fees may apply for custom sign materials or sizes and custom Smart Decals designs.

What We Offer:
  • Professional-grade signage
  • Tamper-resistant Smart Decals
  • Smart Warning stickers
  • Guest Parking magnets
  • Resident Documents (PDFs)
  • Hang Tags for Smart Decals

Built for reliability & performance

Cloud-Hosted on Proven Technology
Parking Boss is built from the ground up on the industry leading Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms providing scale, redundancy, and reliability. There’s nothing for your IT to deploy and updates are automatic.
Runs on What You’ve Already Got
Parking Boss applications run in the latest desktop and mobile browsers on the most popular hardware from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and more.

Parking Boss API & Integrations

Parking Boss API

Connect services and products to Parking Boss, including property management software,  e-commerce solutions, reporting tools, and violation & booting services.

Slack Integration

Our Slack integration will push important notifications directly to your team. Know instantly when a violation is recorded, tow is scheduled, resident permit is revoked, and more.


Our robust Webhooks make it easy to build the custom integrations you need. Contact us to learn more.

The Barnacle

COMING SOON: Save patrol time and be more consistent and efficient by deploying a Barnacle directly from within Parking Boss Field Agent.

Property Management Software

Parking Boss is committed to delivering the best experience to regional & community managers and their staff. Please contact us below if you’re interested in working with our engineering team to integrate Parking Boss with your leasing software.

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Minimize the guesswork and increase your efficiency with state-of-the-art camera technology. With the cost of high-end camera technology becoming more affordable, ALPR provides a constant watch on vehicles coming and going with fixed or mobile cameras. Parking Boss will instantly alert your team when there’s a problem. Contact us below to learn more about Parking Boss and ALPR.

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