Technology-based parking solutions

Policies—the where, when, who, and how of parking

Policies are blueprints for your parking strategy—a detailed, comprehensive plan for every space on your property. Parking Boss is designed with the flexibility to accommodate just about any policy, and every one should answer these four basic questions:


The specific location where a vehicle is allowed to park. An assigned space?Guest-only space? Open parking?


The time of day/night a vehicle is allowed to parked. Any time? Evenings only? During specific hours?


The type of individual allowed to park in the space. Guest? Resident? Staff? Future resident? General public?


The permit that enables the vehicle to park. A Smart Decal? Electronic registration? Pay-to-park permit?


Mapping maximizes the effectiveness of Parking Boss. A heads-up view of the community will allow your team to make informed decisions about your parking, including where to most effectively place residents in assigned parking.

Built on real-world geo-located data gives us the ability to add future features, like the location of guest parking or where your patrol needs to go find a repeat offender.

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Smart Tag QR Codes

QR codes have become the standard format for linking directly to digital content from physical products. Now that scanning technology is integrated directly in iPhone's camera as well as most Android phones, it's easier now than it's ever been to access Parking Boss features simply by taking a quick photo.

Property Management Software Integration

Parking Boss is committed to delivering the best experience to regional & community managers and their staff. Please contact us below if you’re interested in working with our engineering team to integrate Parking Boss with your leasing software.

Parking Boss API & Integrations

Parking Boss API

Connect services and products to Parking Boss, including property management software,  e-commerce solutions, reporting tools, and violation & booting services.

Slack Integration

Our Slack integration will push important notifications directly to your team. Know instantly when a violation is recorded, tow is scheduled, resident permit is revoked, and more.


Our robust Webhooks make it easy to build the custom integrations you need. Contact us to learn more.

The Barnacle

COMING SOON: Save patrol time and be more consistent and efficient by deploying a Barnacle directly from within Parking Boss Field Agent.


License Plate Recognition minimizes the guesswork and increases your efficiency with state-of-the-art camera technology. With the cost of high-end camera technology becoming more affordable, LPR provides a constant watch on vehicles coming and going with fixed or mobile cameras. Parking Boss will instantly alert your team when there’s a problem. Contact us below to learn more about Parking Boss and LPR.

Built for reliability & performance

Cloud-Hosted on Proven Technology
Parking Boss is built from the ground up on the industry leading Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms providing scale, redundancy, and reliability. There’s nothing for your IT to deploy and updates are automatic.
Runs on What You’ve Already Got
Parking Boss applications run in the latest desktop and mobile browsers on the most popular hardware from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and more.

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