Keith Spencer

Production Designer


Keith is the graphic production designer for Parking Boss. He creates customized parking signs, resident documents, and designs interactive parking maps for customer communities. He also makes sure the Everett office has a freshly brewed pot of coffee each morning.

Keith’s professional path began at a church where he was a graphic designer for about nine years. He then moved on to portrait photography with a studio. Most recently, Keith was self-employed for two years, as a graphic designer and photographer.

Best thing about my job:

I think Parking Boss solves a prevalent problem. My favorite part of my job is designing interactive maps. I really like the part that most people wouldn’t. I enjoy working through the details of the map designs and making everything work.

These are a few of my favorite things:
  • Best movie or TV show: Best show ever was Arrested Development, favorite movies so far are the John Wick series
  • My favorite food: Either a nice artisan burger, or Thai food.
  • I love to visit: Places I've never been, and places that have nice sunny weather
  • I root for: The underdog, and sometimes just the least liked in the room (I have no allegiance)
  • Best concert: Probably Switchfoot before they went mainstream
  • Favorite childhood TV show: Tom and Jerry, before they could talk
  • I'd like to meet (living or dead): Keanu Reeves
  • Four-legged friend: Dogs, mine are named Lexie and Decker
  • When I'm not working, I enjoy: Hiking, photography, or netflix